Tempting Her Best Friend (A What Happens in Vegas Novel) (Entangled Lovestruck)

Tempting Her Best Friend (A What Happens in Vegas Novel) (Entangled Lovestruck) - Gina L. Maxwell Tempting Her Best Friend is a short, sizzling, and satisfying novella from knock-out author, Gina L. Maxwell, perfect for readers looking for a romantic morsel.

Alyssa Miller has a plan to get her best friend, neighbor, and secret love of her life to finally kick the hussies to the curb and see the blonde bombshell sitting right next-door with one sinful weekend in Vegas. But with a few careless words from Dillon Alexander, her hopes are shattered so Aly forms a new plan. Plan get-over-Dillon-and-into-bed-with-a-sexy-cover-model at the romance book convention she's attending instead. After all, a girl has needs. But when Dillon realizes Aly's plan, he knows that he can't let her go through with it. After all, what's more convenient then a friend-with-benefits right next-door for all her 'needs'? When Dillon finally convinces Aly to let him be her man for the weekend though he didn't expect to crave so much more from her...but does Aly feel the same? Or will her fears of repeating their parent's mistakes bar her from a future of love with her best friend?

With a cast of supporting characters and crazy antics that will have you giggling, Tempting Her Best Friend was a nice, refreshing read in the midst of angst filled romances with coiling plots. With the sweet romantic trope of best friends turned lovers and a long history of friendship between Alyssa and Dillon, their progression into some fabulously heated hotel sex was natural and did I mention hawt? Hawt! Tempting Her Best Friend is a light contemporary romance, perfect for those warm summer's end evenings, that has just enough fun and humor weaved into it's romance to leave you smiling at the end.