Visions of Heat

Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh The exciting and unparalleled world of the Psy-Changeling continues to grow in Visions of Heat, the second book of the series. The Psy Council are rushing to neutralize the effects of Sascha's defection and secure Silence while also scheming to lessen the Changeling's power.

Faith NightStar is a Psy; cold, emotionless beings logical to the core. Faith isn't just any Psy though, she is a Cardinal F-Psy and in high demand for her foreseeing abilities. But she is also isolated because of those same abilities and on the verge of madness. The dark and bloody visions she has begun to experience are pushing her that much closer to the edge but Faith knows that she has to find the reason behind them before someone else dies. She can't go to her own kind for help though without facing the dangers of rehabilitation, a fate worse then death. So Faith steps into the dark forests of the DarkRiver leopard pack, 'knowing' that she needs them to find the answers she's seeking. What she didn't expect though was her abilities leading her to someone that could either save her or break her completely.

Because the Psy are so emotionless, I've found it's harder for me to warm up to their characters. But Nalini Singh is an expert at character development and Faith NightStar is a prime example of her talents. Faith begins cold but determined, she didn't even realize what was driving her to find the answers she seeked at first, but slowly her layers are peeled away and we see a vulnerability to her that tugs at your heart. Even when Vaughn turns her world upside down and then sideways you can empathize with her confusion and denial...and her attraction.

Changeling Vaughn D'Angelo, is a jaguar and respected Sentinel in the DarkRiver leopard pack. He didn't really stand out to me in the first book so I was surprised that his story was next. Vaughn's animal is closer to the surface then most other Changelings which causes him to be a bit...growly at times. ☺ He has a cat's curiosity about Faith even before he see's her, but once he does that curiosity turns into an obsession that he can't break. Despite the man being less then pleased to be around a cold Psy, his cat hungers for her like no other. He's pushy and dominant, but he also see's Faith's limits and turns into someone that she can lean on and someone who can anchor her to the present when she is in danger of getting lost in the future.

These two fit well. Vaughn has a past that haunts him and Faith has a future that terrifies her. But they must walk a tight line to a happily-ever-after because of Faith's 'conditioning'. And there are many that would kill for control over her abilities. Together, they were sweet and sexy and when they finally got down to business my kindle was smoking.

BUT.....Though I really enjoyed Faith and Vaughn's story, it read too much like the first book in the series for me to be completely enraptured in it. Lucas and Vaughn both had a tragic past while Sasha and Faith are both powerful Cardinal Psy with 'faults' that must escape the council while stopping a killer.

Despite that, Psy-Changeling is the most unique shifter series you will ever read! Full of action, intrigue and passion with superb writing and a story that comes to life on the pages. I can't wait to devour more of this series and find out what the Psy have in story for the Changelings next!