Lost in Me

Lost in Me - Lexi Ryan Holy duck lovin' cliffhangers, Batman!
Lost in Me kept me up reading into the wee hours of the morning. I couldn't put the book down until I reached 'The End', and even then I didn't want to! What an amazing start to a new series, I cannot wait for book two. I am seriously having withdrawal jitters already, how can I be expected to wait until June?! It's impossible I tell 'ya!

The Here and Now series is a spin-off from Lexi Ryan's New Hope series, which is another fabulous new adult series that you must read. Though this series can be read without reading New Hope, all of the starring characters from that previous series show up and play relevant parts in The Here and Now. Lost in Me stars Maggie's (Unbreak Me) younger sister and Cally's (Wish I May) best friend, Hanna.

Hanna has been crushing on Maximilian Hallowell since she was thirteen but he's only had eyes for her much skinnier and beautiful twin sister. When she wakes up in the hospital though with no memory of the last eleven months it seems like all of her dreams have come true! She is skinnier, owns her own business, and is engaged to the sexy Max. Too bad she can't remember how her life turned into this fairy tale! As with everything in life though, nothing is perfect. She's lost the connection with her sister Lizzy that they've always shared, she's somehow seeing a psychiatrist, and then she wakes up to find a sexy tattooed stranger in her bed that is definitely not her fiance. What has she been doing the last eleven months?! And why would she jeopardize her perfect future with Max for a rock star that she can't even remember. As her memories return, piece by piece, Hanna learns that all is not what it seems. Can she find the answers she needs before her mother pushes her down the altar?

Lost in Me, is aptly titled. Almost a whole year of Hanna's life is lost in herself and she can only wait patiently for it to return, that's if it returns at all. In the meantime, Hanna's life is moving forward and while she wants to go with the flow and enjoy her new, wonderful, self she can't help but wonder how she got here.
Hanna is a lovable character, but has low self-esteem when it comes to body image. Sometimes this can come off as annoying in characters, especially when they harp on it every other page, happily that was not the case here. Despite that though, Hanna has a positive and caring attitude. I was easily able to empathize with her over the frustration of her lost memories and confusion over two men, though I was rooting for Nate. I did mention hot rock star, didn't I? Pieces of Hanna's past are revealed bit by bit to her, and the reader, which enabled a deeper connection with her character. You're living through the revelations right alongside Hanna, and the merging of her past and present personas.

Packed with raw emotion, sizzling chemistry with two very attractive and seemingly genuine men, and sensational character development Lost in Me was a captivating story with phenomenal writing from author Lexi Ryan. With so many questions left open and a killer ending that put me on the edge of my seat, or bed per se, Book 2 Fall to You, will be one of the most anticipated releases for me this summer!