One Week

One Week - Elisabeth Staab One Week was a short, sizzling and succulent story that I really enjoyed.

Elise Jackson returns to HaleStorm after five years as a consultant to try to save the company. She hopes with her return that she will have little to no contact with the owner's son, Michael Hale, but has no such luck when she arrives to find him as the companies new CEO. A very hands-on CEO. Still, Elise was hired to do a job and Michael has done enough to ruin her professional image as it is. Determined to be professional and not let him see just how much he hurt her when she was just a young intern for the company, Elise dives into her work. But Michael insists on assisting her in her and clarifying his past actions. Can Elise keep him at an arms distance until the job is done? Or will their late nights take a sensual turn that will leave Elise questioning everything?

Though the story-line in One Week wasn't anything new, office/second-chance romance, it still proved to be a satisfying read. I liked the characters of Michael and Elise, but especially Michael, and thought that they played well off each other. The dialogue was interesting and entertaining, and the story showed a growth with each of it's characters. There was definitely blatant chemistry between Michael and Elise and their relationship progressed at a believable pace with a few twists thrown in. Some company competition and scorned love added intrigue to keep the story moving at a steady pace. I'm looking forward to more from the HaleStorm series and hopefully Michael's enigmatic brothers.