The Wicked Wallflower

The Wicked Wallflower - Maya Rodale I adore story's where shy wallflowers capture the unlikely attention of roguish men, and this has to be the most surprising way to do it! Giddy from the influence of one too many bottles glasses of sherry and morose over their fourth season, Lady Emma Avery, along with her two best friends and fellow wallflowers, pen a note to the paper announcing Emma's engagement to the most unlikely of suitors, the re-known rake, the Duke of Ashbrooke. But never intending to ever actually submit the announcement, Emma gets quite the surprise a few days later when a gaggle of ladies descend on her house exclaiming over the news of her engagement. Even more surprising is when the Duke himself appears going along with the outrageous story! Blake lays out a plan for Emma to go forward with the engagement, at least for a little while; a plan that will help his sordid reputation and garner him the support he needs for an invention that is close to his heart, and one that will earn Emma the means to marry the man she truly loves, Benedict. But Emma surprises the Duke when she refuses him, he is instantly intrigued by this conundrum of a women and finally convinces Emma to accept the faux proposal. However, they must make it through Blake's crazy Aunt Agatha's Fortune Games for their plan to work and Agatha isn't going to make it easy for them....Will Emma and Blake come through on top, or will they loose not only the game but their hearts as well?

The Wicked Wallflower is my first book from author, Maya Rodale, and I truly enjoyed it. I'm not sure about the contemporary romance side to this series but I definitely plan on finding out what the other two wallflowers get up to in the next historical romances! Emma, along with her two friends, are each fun, quick and witty characters. And I loved how Emma totally took Blake by surprise, shaking his foundation and knocking his ego down a few pegs. Their relationship was rife with turmoil, each having their own path that led them down separate roads but when they get to that fork I was crossing my fingers for them to choose the right direction that led them back to each other again. I thought the romance progressed at a wonderfully believable pace and was enamored with every minute of it.

Blake's Aunt Agatha's Fortune Games was a unique way to bring two potential lovers together. Entertaining but not very believable, though it did make me wonder....was all the years of these ridiculous games just a push to get Blake to finally get his sh*t together? Did Agatha always plan to give everything to Blake? I was surprised though by Benedict's ending and it was a bit confusing. But The Wicked Wallflower was an enchanting story that left me smiling at the end. ☺ If you're a historical romance fan then I recommend you picking this one up.