In the Arms of a Stranger

In the Arms of a Stranger - Virginia Kelly 4.5 Stars

In the Arms of a Stranger was an edge-of-your-seat romance, full of action and emotion, that I could not put down!

JP Blackmon has been on the run for the last year. Injured and at the end of his rope he is determined to get answers from the one who betrayed him and their country, his old partner. He arrives at his partners house only to find out that he has been dead for a year, but his partner's widow has been expecting him...
Abby Price has questions of her own about her husbands death and JP is the only clue that he left her to find them. Instead of answers though, Abby finds more questions and a deadly attraction to a man that holds more secrets then her husband ever did.

These two embark on dangerous journey for answers with an unknown adversary on their heels willing to kill to keep them from finding the truth. In the Arms of a Stranger was full of riveting intrigue, relentless suspense and scorching romance. A real page-turner! The tension in this book was off the chain; what with the plot's whodunit and the chemistry just sizzling between Abby and JP. They fight their attraction of course, JP not knowing where his life is going to lead one moment to the next and Abby not being able to trust him, and them both suffering through a bout of guilt over Abby's husband.

Virginia Kelly has created characters with plenty of depth, a plot that constantly moved and captivated, with writing that places you right in the middle of the story. Whether it be in the middle of a bull's pen, searching a dark house, or in a cabin in the middle of the woods. In the Arms of a Stranger is a top notch romantic suspense that I recommend! Now I need to go back and read Dancing in the Dark, a novella featuring JP's sister, Janey!