Wilde for Her

Wilde for Her - Tonya Burrows I am in love with Tonya Burrows and her sexy ex-military men! Burrow paints a tale of best friends turned lovers in Wilde for Her with Eva Cardosa and Camden Wilde. Former homicide partners, these two bonded on their first meet over carrot sticks and have stuck together ever since. But Cam wants more then friendship from Eva, he has from the start. Fear of loosing another loved one though has kept him from revealing his true feelings these last five years and he is unsure that he could ever give Eva the white picket fence future that he knows she dreams of. But after a drunken night of incredible sex at his baby brother, Jude's, wedding there's no way that they can return to the same old friendship they shared before. Eva proposes a friends with benefits relationship, but can Camden live with being shuffled to the 'friends' corner for the rest of their lives? With his life on the line, and the life of his twin brother's, Cam decides that he's no longer willing to sit on the sidelines when it comes to love; even if that means loosing Eva forever. Friendship and all.

Wilde for Her was an exciting and fast paced story that I loved from the start. Because of her upbringing and her mother's unstable life, Eva longs for stability and basically perfection. Her best friend Cam doesn't fit in the picture Eva has painted for her future but that doesn't stop her heart from speeding up every time she is around him. Her and Camden have an easily apparent connection that you can feel from the first scene of these two together. The passion Cam feels for Eva bursts from the pages and you can't help but fall in love with him; his heart, loyalty and determination is what true book heroes are made of. :) And Eva is a heroine to admire, anyone who can hold their own with this lot of men earns points with me! Wonderfully detailed and easy flowing, I enjoyed every minute of this book and anticipated each page; would Cam give in, WOULD EVA? Who put a hit out on Cam? Was someone else going to fall victim to the mysterious hit man?

Wilde for Her had everything; action, mystery, humor sprinkled throughout to keep the story from getting too deep, and a burning romance with a cast of characters that captivated. Plus, an unexpected twist at the end! I adored the comradeship between brothers as well as the little glimpses into future relationships and books. I can't wait for the next Wilde novel!