Crash Into Me

Crash Into Me - Tracy Wolff If you have a thing for rock stars that just may verge on stalking (Me, me, meee...) then get ready to loose your heart to the sexy new band on the block, Shaken Dirty!

Jamison's life is completely falling apart; she's lost her job, her car, and her boyfriend all in a matter of weeks. But that's okay because her brother's band is in town and she is bound and determined to forget it all for at least one night and have the time of her life. The only problem with her grand plan is the bands front-man Ryder. She's been in love with him for years but all he sees when he looks at her is his best friend's little sister. Until now that is. But Jamison refuses to be just another notch on his belt. Ryder doesn't do love or relationships though. Not after the tragedy of his last one. Can Jamison convince him that he is worthy of love and that she is worth the risk?

If you like broken heroes that are unknowingly just waiting for that certain someone to come along and breathe life back into their souls, then you will no doubt fall for Ryder. And as a heroine, Jamison encompassed all of the attributes that I enjoy. Feisty, determined, loving, smart. Between Ryder and Jamison there were years of love, hurt, denial, and devotion. Many ups and downs. But as a reader you just knew that they were meant to be from the get go, there was no denying their connection. Tracy Wolff brought life to each of the characters in Crash Into Me and the dynamics of the band was captivating. I also enjoyed her writing style, it flowed seamlessly from page to page.

Fun and sexy, Crash Into Me is an electrifying start to a new series that I am really looking forward to more from. I could not get enough of of this story and it's characters, but have to say I was just a tad bit disappointed in the ending/epilogue. Not that it wasn't great and everyone had their HEA, but for the first book in a series I thought it was a bit premature I guess. I'm anticipating great things from these rockin' characters though and will be checking out the rest of Tracy's book since she was a new-to-me author before now.