On Dublin Street

On Dublin Street - Samantha Young Wow...just, holy smokes, wow!
I haven't read a YA novel in a while so this author was no where near my radar but after my girl, Crystal 2, gave such a great review of On Dublin Street and I saw a few others raving about it I had to pick it up and am I ever glad that I did!

Intensely emotional and sizzling hot, I seriously could no put On Dublin Street down, it is one of those addictively angsty stories that you will loose a whole day and neglect your children to. The relationship between Joss and Braden for some reason reminded me of Mac and Barrons from KMM's Fever series, I think because it was full of such turmoil as well as a searing attraction. Joss and Braden are complex characters with a lot of issues, Joss more so then Braden. Braden *fans self*, he was just damn sexy, as well as super sweet and understanding. No matter how many walls Joss put up between them he didn't let it deter him.

On Dublin Street had me laughing and smiling as well as feeling like a huge rock of sadness and pain was sitting on my chest, and then there were the times I was squeezing my legs together, squirming in my seat...this book ran from one emotion to the next and I loved every second of it! I never wanted it to end and the secondary characters were just as wonderful. I hope Samantha Young writes many more adult romances because I definitely want to read them!

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