Rev It Up

Rev It Up - Julie Ann Walker You know how with some series that release back to back, you just love the first book and you're super excited for this whole new series but the next book or third book might be kind of meh? Well you won't find that here! Every book in the Black Knights, Inc. series has been a hit out of the ball park!

Jake Sommers is back in town and the one person he wants to see is the one person that would rather avoid him. Michelle Carter has never forgiven him for breaking her heart and throwing her into another man's arms four years ago but she has moved on. A widowed mother of a young son, Shell has made a good life for herself and her son, and with the help of her brother, Frank, she can even get out every now and then for some adult time. But thanks to her brother she now has a madman out for revenge on her tail and the only one who can protect her is the one man she must protect her heart against.

Julie Ann Walker is, without a doubt, a wicked new voice in the romantic suspense world! Rev It Up grabs you right from the start, taking you on a sexy and thrilling ride that will leave you spinning and never wanting to get off! Emotion, suspense, secrets, heartache, love and excitement on each page along with hilarious one-liners that will have you laughing out loud. And did I mention sexy, whoo, sex-ay! I loved every thing about this story of second chances and the whole Black Knights, Inc. has a special place in my heart. I cannot wait for the next installment featuring the hot Cajun Rock. Yum-mee. The Black Knights, Inc. is on my list for the break-out series of the year and a must read for all romance fans!

4.5 Stars