The Darkest Day

The Darkest Day - Britt Bury
Britt Bury weaves a spellbinding story in her debut novel, The Darkest Day, that I never wanted to end!

In a world of Immortals and the wilds of Scotland the Campbell Fionn and Kerr Pookah have warred for centuries. Death and vengeance reigns by those who live by the sword and magic.
Izel Campbell, an immortal Fionn, arrives in Scotland seeking answers from her grandfather; cursed since birth to never feel emotions she has lived a half-life. But once she arrives at her grandfather’s home the curse falls away and Izel is bombarded by new feelings as well as a new look leaving her with more questions then she started out with.
Kelvin seeks the last of the Campbell line to fulfill his vow of vengeance for the death of his father. Expecting a male he is surprised to find a woman, but what shocks him more is when the woman’s cloaking spell falls away and this ordinary Fionn transforms into a gorgeous human - the last human alive. What he feels for this little human is even more surprising though and something that he intends to fight.
As Kelvin tries to balance his duty to both his family and his fated mate, Izel must learn to tap into her prophesized powers but they each face an uphill battle, will they find the answers they seek in time?

The Darkest Day was a wonderful start to the Immortal Heat series. Britt Bury writes with an old world feel and this story could have easily taken place in the historical Scottish Highlands as well, which I especially loved. The first half of the book was slow to start but once it found its pacing, the story took off. I really enjoyed reading about the characters the author has created in this magical world. Izel is a heroine that you can easily get behind and cheer for while Kelvin is a hero that you will fall in love with. The dialogue between both was fun and entertaining; they played off each other so well.

Izel Campbell grew up believing that she was an immortal Fionn, although different from the rest of her family – cursed, only to discover she is the last human being alive. Izel can roll with the punches though and is full of spunk and good humor. Kelvin is a fierce and honorable warrior, but he is constantly trying to push Izel away and acts out towards her often. He ends up regretting his actions of course and grovels for forgiveness, which Izel makes him work for. His hot and cold emotions confuse Izel but she knows that he will protect her, as the last human she will be extremely coveted by all. I loved how the romance unfolded between these two, it was unique in the sense that I was both rooting for them to get it on while at the same time dreading it and hoping that they would wait.

I would have liked more background information on the world created here; where did these immortals come from, did they live alongside humans? How long have humans been extinct? The world building could have used a little more padding and I found myself asking “Why?” often. I’m eager to see what the Immortal Heat series has in store next though, and how the series will further develop. There were plenty of other characters that intrigued and I look forward to reading more about them. Arcane prophecies, dark curses, quirky witches, sexy alpha males, feisty females and an immortal battle on the horizon; The Darkest Day has it all with sizzling sexual tension, heart-pounding action and suspense, secrets and betrayal, and most importantly an impassioned romance. Britt Bury is definitely a new voice in the paranormal romance world to keep your eyes on!

Note to readers: I do suggest reading the glossary before starting the story, which I didn’t see until the very end. :-/ Not sure how this will be set up in the final version since I received an ARC through NetGalley but if you don't see the glossary in the front, flip to the end. It’s extremely helpful with the unfamiliar terms and characters.