Wolf Tracks

Wolf Tracks - Vivian Arend I was excited for TJ's book, being the Alpha's little brother we've seen a lot of him throughout the series. Clumsy yet lovable, I was anticipating this HEA for him.
TJ shows exceptional growth in Wolf Tracks and Vivian Arend pens it fabulously; he's finally growing into his paws so to speak and it has a great deal to do with finding his mate. A mate who happens to be human and a few years older than him. And while I enjoyed his story, I unfortunately didn't connect with the heroine Pam as well as I have past heroines in the series. I liked that after some convincing Pam accepted the presence of werewolves in the world and didn't take any crap from TJ (you know those domineering and possessive wolfish tendencies) while still standing up for him to everyone else, but Pam was a little too brusque for my tastes. I just couldn't get into her character.
The story-line itself was good though, Wolf Tracks kept me turning the pages and moved at a fast pace. Now I'm really looking for to the next book which is play-boy Jared’s in Wolf Line.