North of Heartbreak

North of Heartbreak - Julie Rowe Two years ago Willa Hayes escaped to Alaska from an abusive marriage and a heart-breaking loss. Now a nurse practitioner for several small and underfunded clinics Willa lives a secluded life helping those in need, just the way she likes it. When new medical rescue pilot, Liam Reynolds, arrives for an emergency flight Willa’s neat little world is shaken up. Rich, gorgeous and arrogant, Liam is everything that Willa has avoided since her ex-husband. But despite their similarities, Willa can’t help be drawn to Liam. That doesn’t mean she is going to trust him however. When 'just fun' turns into something more will these two be able to overcome their tortured pasts to reach for the possibility of love?

North of Heartbreak was a fantastic and quick read set in the wilds of Alaska. Two wonderful and well written characters, Liam and Willa were easily relateable. Their chemistry felt real and their relationship moved at a believable pace. The secondary character of Jason, Willa’s friend and Liam’s uncle, added a nice touch to the story as well. A few steamy scenes and some mild suspense, the twist towards the end was pretty predictable but still capturing in regards to tying the story together.

Great quickie for contemporary romance fans!