Magic Strikes

Magic Strikes -  Ilona Andrews With Magic Strikes, I am finally feeling the hype. This is obviously a series that gets better with each book and I am glad that I stuck with it. Working for the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid tends to open up some doors that were closed to Kate as a mercenary but they seem to get a few slammed in your face too. When her friendly neighborhood werewolf, Derek, ends up half dead, though she uses her new status and a friend in high, or maybe low?, places to get into the Midnight Games. A deadly gladiator style game for the supernaturals, Kate and the gang enters as contestants to find out who is behind Derek’s attack and other shifter murders.

Lots of heart stopping action, laugh out loud humor and yes, FINALLY, some romance! This is where it starts to get good my friends, bath scene anyone? I finally understand what is going on in this sometimes magical world, I have also somehow come to love all of these characters in the Kate Daniels series and can’t get enough of the back and forth between Curran and Kate. Curran is obviously interested in Kate, though she drives him crazy, but Kate is plain oblivious and even after her relationship growth (forming new friendships) she is still reluctant to become romantically evolved with anyone, period. Will Kate ever give in to her attraction? Will Curran take charge of the situation? What craziness will be thrown their way next? I must know!

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