Eternal Blood

Eternal Blood - Laura Wright A quick bite that will leave you craving more!

Without purpose and guilt eating away at him, Impure vampire Gray Donahue lives for nothing more than blood and sex. Cursed with the ability to hear other’s thoughts it is the only way to make his existence bearable. Even fighting for the cause of his fellow Impures cannot sway Gray from his current course. But when the Order flashes him out of a promiscuous limo ride and into one of their barbaric rituals, and the veana that Gray can’t get out of his mind comes to his rescue, Gray realizes that there are some things worth fighting for.

Eternal Blood is a short novella that falls in between Eternal Kiss and Eternal Captive, and follows Sarah Donahue’s (Alexander Roman’s mate, Eternal Hunger) brother, Gray and the pureblood veana Dillon. It was an exciting peak into Gray’s mind and a great little nugget between novels but far shorter than I would of liked. A must read for Mark of the Vampire fans and a story that will continue on into Eternal Beast, and even a smidge into Eternal Captive. Filled with muy sexual tension, shocking scenarios, titillating dialogue and everything else you’ve come to expect from Laura Wright’s hot vampires. I can’t wait to see more of these two in Eternal Beast, it is sure to be blazing!