Crash Into You

Crash Into You - Roni Loren Crash Into You is sexy, thrilling and totally satisfying.
For Brynn LeBreck, a summer fling before college turned into love and heartbreak. Now, ten years later, the only man she’s ever let take control returns...

There is a lot going on in this book right from the beginning; Brynn LeBreck is dealing with PTSD from an attack 10 years ago, her sister is missing and in possible danger, and her mother was murdered 3 years ago with the man she once loved representing the convicted murderer. Reid Jamison, a high profile attorney, is still trying to prove his client’s innocence and with the help of Brynn’s sister might finally be able to but at the cost of deceiving Brynn. Reid is also dealing with his own inner demons over his sexual desires, a failed marriage and an overbearing family along with carrying some deep rooted betrayal issues over Brynn leaving him so long ago. But instead of feeling like you’re going into melt down from an information overload the author, Roni Loren, gracefully weaves all aspects of the story together, giving readers the perfect amount of information and detail at just the right time keeping you glued to the pages for more. Usually, it takes a book or two under the belt for an author to master this ability but Loren takes to it like an old pro, she is definitely an author to watch for!

Every chapter or two moves between the past and present, from Brynn and Reid’s summer fling to finding Brynn’s sister and discovering her mother’s real murderer. These periods transitioned smoothly and I had no problem keeping up. Loren provides readers with a strong plot, complex characters and a few surprising twists that tie everything together for an exhilarating conclusion. Crash Into You is a very character driven story though, and what makes it a keeper for me is that you have two very strong and independent characters (Brynn & Reid) who realize that they can overcome their mistakes and tragedies of the past, and that it isn’t a weakness to open up and reach out to another. Through the BDSM sub/dom theme, each learns to be comfortable in their own skin and with their desires, which in turn opens them up to love. Heart-poundingly erotic, this story is not for the faint of heart or clean-romance-only reader. Crash Into You will turn up the heat in your room, heck - your pants, with bondage, spanking, threesomes, anal play and more! But the sex scenes aren’t just there to be there; the story has good, smart dialogue, a tangible chemistry and a beautiful romance to make the relationship believable and relatable for readers.

Crash Into You is a must read for contemporary and erotic romance fans everywhere, who like a little danger and sizzle in their romance. Superbly well written and a stunning start to the series, I cannot wait to get my hands on Loren's next mouthwatering story. Thankfully I only have to wait for the summer to read Melt Into Me, which will star Reid's sinfully sexy best friend, Jace!