Defying Destiny

Defying Destiny - Olivia Downing Defying Destiny is a very different novel than what I've come to expect from Olivia Cunning, aka Olivia Downing, but still a great read! Very much a wolf focused shifter book, so if you like a more organic feel in this genre than you will love Defying Destiny. I was amazed how the author wove the romance to be innocent yet sexy all at the same time. The plot is emotional, sensual, and moves at a steady pace throughout with inner turmoil, warring families, forbidden love and a romance that blooms against all odds. The character development was superbly written and the main characters of Maralee and Nash were a perfect fit.

If you are already a fan of Olivia Cunning and enjoy paranormal romance, or if you are just a lover of paranormal romance and furry heroes than I recommend you picking up Defying Destiny!