No Story to Tell

No Story to Tell - K.J. Steele 3.5 - 4 Stars
No Story to Tell is not my usual type of read but the premises of the story intrigued me from the blurb, and though it was not at all what I expected, it captivated me none the less.

The protagonist of the story, Victoria, was brought to life on the pages with KJ Steele’s fluid and descriptive story telling. This was not a light and happy tale though; Victoria’s life is full of tragic experiences, disappointment, betrayal and little happiness, making for a heart-breaking journey. If you want a book that will truly capture you heart and soul then No Story to Tell is for you but be warned, KJ Steele in no way promises a happily ever after for her characters. This gave the story a capacious breath of realism but also left me quite depressed despite the ray of hope it ended with. I wanted Victoria's tale to continue on just so I can see if anything good finally came her way and what her next chapter in life contained. It takes a truly gifted author to bring out these types of feelings in a reader and endear a character so much to them. And though I usually try to steer clear of not-so-happy reads because real life throws you enough curve balls and I don’t usually like to read about them as well, I’m glad I picked up this novel and did not miss this story that definitely needed to be told. Despite Victoria being a fictional character, I can’t help but wish all the best for her in life.

A hard book to rate but it brought about so many different feelings it cannot be described as anything less than great.

***This novel has mention of one rape and includes one rape scene, though it does not go into detail nor get graphic.