The Last Rising

The Last Rising - Rachel Firasek The Last Rising was a sensational novella from author Rachel Firasek. The story itself was based in mythology with Isis, Osiris and the phoenix which I thought added a great element to the overall story arc and really made it unique. With a fast moving plot and Firasek’s fluid writing I devoured The Last Rising in no time at all. Being only a hundred pages or so, I was surprised at how much story was packed into it and how well it was developed. It flowed like a full length novel. The romance was full, sensual and many times heart wrenching as Ice fights her attraction to Turner and her feelings for his son Brodie, because she knows that in the end she’ll have to leave them. But Turner is unwilling to give up and pushes Ice to the brink. Just when Ice realizes that she can’t live without them it may be too late. I enjoyed the buildup and suspense in their relationship.

I also loved the formulating of the villain in the story and the twist it took at the end, I definitely didn’t see that one coming though now that I look back there were subtle little hints which feels like will carry into the series and I am looking forward to seeing how that develops. The secondary characters we interesting and added some great dialogue and humorous moments into the story, readers also received little glimpses into them and what we’ll be seeing later in their own books.

A fun, quick read and I am looking forward to the continuation of the Curse of the Phoenix series!