Tempted - Elisabeth Naughton Throughout the first two novels in this series, Eternal Guardians, I was curious as to the reason behind the volatile emotions between Isadora and Demetrius. If you haven’t read the beginning of the series; Isadora is the Argolean princess and heir to the throne. In book one, Marked, she starts off being demure and pretty much lets others walk all over her. As the series progresses she goes from being a timid princess to a strong future queen. But one constant in her life for the last two hundred years has been the Argonaut Demetrius and the vile way he treats her. I mean, I would hide under my bed if I heard this warrior coming. Intimidating doesn’t even begin to cover how he comes off! Well in Tempted, we finally learn the reason behind his bad attitude.

Book three picks up right after Entwined, where Isadora has been kidnapped by witches in hopes to bring back a powerful warlock to flesh. Demetrius rushes to her rescue only to escape one hellish nightmare before being thrown into the next. Sent to a mythical island, cloaked from anyone and everyone, for a sadistic enemies pleasure; Isadora must depend on Demetrius to survive and trust him with her life. As these two are thrown together hidden feelings are reveled and we learn that Demetrius has pushed Isadora away to protect her from the evil inside of him and the threat he poses to the kingdom. But can he trust Isadora with his secrets or will the truth be revealed before he has a chance, making Isadora doubt Demetrius’ true intentions and forcing him to embrace that dark part deep inside that he’s buried for so long.

Tempted was a riveting story and every page left me craving for more! Elisabeth Naughton really delivers with this third installment, my favorite of the series so far! She blends the series seamlessly together with Isadora’s story weaving a gripping tale while building upon the complex and vivid world she has already created with the first two novels.

One of my favorite parts of Tempted was the growth of the two characters Isadora and Demetrius, both as a couple and individuals. Isadora steps up here, proving to everyone that can and will be queen and is fully capable of that position. While readers get a deep look into the cold and standoffish Demetrius, to find out that there is a good heart underneath the hard exterior; even if he can’t see it himself. The plot was intensely emotional and action packed with surprising twists thrown at you left and right! The series really reaches a boiling point here and the novel ends with major cliff hangers for two loveable characters that while maybe not Guardians, they are still heroes in their own right. The amazing cast of this series add such dimension to it that the story comes to life from the pages.
Eternal Guardians is an exciting and original series that I would recommend to all romance lovers.

The next release in the series is Enraptured, April 2012, and features my man Orpheus. Someone I was drawn to at the start. He puts on such a bad boy front but can’t seem to say no to those in need and I know there are good intentions under his supposedly selfish actions. April can’t come fast enough for me!