The Storm That Is Sterling

The Storm That Is Sterling - Lisa Renee Jones Lisa Renee Jones combines romantic suspense and paranormal romance creating a fresh story with captivating characters in an intriguing world!

At nineteen, Sterling Jeter was enlisted by the military for a special team, leaving his grandmother and young love behind. Now fourteen years later; Rebecca Burns, the girl he stood up, might be the only person who can stop a deadly drug from spreading throughout the Vegas streets. With the Zodius’ pumping the dangerous and addictive ICE into the human population it is up to the Renegades to stop them, and since they aren’t getting any help from the government they must convince astrobiologist, Becca, to help them find a cure for the fatalities. However, the Zodius want Becca too and will go to any lengths to get their hands on her, even killing more innocent humans. But Sterling won’t give Becca up without a fight, not when he’s just found her again. Becca doesn’t know who she can trust though, and when she is forced to take ICE and becomes dependent on it her situation goes from bad to worse. Can she find a cure for the addiction and a way to stop their enemies in time? Or will it be too late to save herself and the newfound love she has found with Sterling?

The Storm that is Sterling was great read packed with heart pounding danger, fast paced action, sweet romance and a destined love that kept me up late turning the pages until the very end. Giving readers not two, but three opposing sides and a sexy hero that puts the ‘super’ on super soldier Lisa Renee Jones creates a unique premise. I loved the suspense and mystery, and with a dash of intrigue the plot flowed at quick and captivating pace. The world building was well developed and intense but I loved the characters above all else. Sterling is the total package; smart, sexy, and protective with just enough faults to flesh him out. From the outside he seems totally secure with his person but inside Sterling is a tortured soul who blames himself for his grandmother’s alcoholism, his lack of abilities in the Renegades and the missing link for the life bond with Becca. *sigh* Doesn’t that just make your heart squeeze? Becca is smart and keeps Sterling on his toes, I really enjoyed her character. She was inexperienced in relationships and real although I didn’t like the fact that she hid some things from Sterling, though I do understand her reasoning. She and Sterling's relationship felt natural and well paced. I was easily engaged by the whole cast of characters and plan on going back to read the first book in the Zodius series, The Legend of Michael, and I can’t wait to see what happens next in Danger that is Damion. Especially with Adam’s son, Dorian, who seems a evil and soulless child!