Viper's Kiss

Viper's Kiss - Shannon Curtis Quicky Arc Review

Viper’s Kiss is an exciting and quick tale of who-done-it with a dash of romance.

I really liked this novel; I enjoyed all the characters and found even the secondary characters interesting. The plot flowed quickly and smoothly with no potholes, a few light twists to keep you guessing. The romance was pretty light as well; it was there but not too intense. Well, there was that one scene against the fence… ;)
The attraction between the two main characters sparked quickly but progressed at a believable pace, there was a back and forth battle of trust between Luke and Maggie that added to the romantic suspense. There was also plenty suspense in trying to figure out the villain's identity and purpose.
A fun read that I’d recommend to contemporary romance fans looking for a break from the long, intense full length novels.