Midnight Reckoning (Dark Dynasties #2)

Midnight Reckoning (Dark Dynasties #2) - Kendra Leigh Castle 4.5 Stars

I love this new and exciting world that Kendra Leigh Castle has created with her Dark Dynasties series and the second novel in it, Midnight Reckoning, continues the thrilling journey into the dark world of vampire factions and bloodlines by adding werewolves into the mix now!

Since the Lilim reformed with his best friend Ty and wife Lily, taking in the Cait Sith's, Jaden Harrison has felt adrift – without purpose. Taking a walk to clear his head Jaden smells wolves and pursues the smell intending to kick them out of vampire territory. When he arrives on the scene he’s not surprised by what he finds but by whom he finds, the she-wolf from when him, Ty and Lily were in the safe house; Lyra who is an alpha’s daughter. Taking out her attackers, Jaden doesn't receive so much as a thank you from the wolf but he does come by an undeniable attraction towards her. Unable the get Lyra out of his head, Jaden travels to her house, in the middle of pack lands, to return her necklace that was dropped during her attack.
Fighting off potential mates is just SOP nowadays for Lyra Black, at least until she can come out victorious at the Proving and become pack Alpha. But wolf packs are still archaic at best, viewing females as lesser then males, and the Thorn pack is no different. And the dark and sexy vampire Ty that keeps popping up is a distraction that she does not need right now. When he arrives at Lyra’s door though to return her mother’s necklace and her father persuades him to stay and teach her to fight, Lyra knows that she has a long battle ahead of her, and not just in the physical sense.
Passion and desire flare as Ty and Lyra get closer and closer, but in a world where it is forbidden for a vampire and werewolf to ever be together can Ty convince Lyra that one night is all he needs or will that one night end up costing Lyra everything?

Author Kendra Leigh Castle is an extremely talented story teller and it is easy to fall into the world she creates and the characters she brings to life in her books. I loved the first novel in this series, Dark Awakening, and Midnight Reckoning was no different.

Lyra and Ty had a roller coaster of a relationship with a bleak outlook, and it was easy to get emotionally sucked in. Especially since I loved the sweet, somewhat vulnerable and definitely tortured Jaden from the first novel. But don’t let his loyalty and charm fool you, Jaden is a fierce hero strong enough to take on a whole wolf pack. Jaden knew right away that Lyra was the one for him and does everything right by her, but convincing Lyra of the fact was not easy and her often dismissal of him and his feelings tugged at my heart. Though her point of view was relatable and understandable, if she let herself feel anything for Jaden then she stood to lose her pack, her father and even her life. Being a strong and independent woman in a world ruled by men, you can’t help but root for her as well, even if it means Jaden might get hurt. The passion between these two builds with yummy sexual tension until it combusts, in a very satisfying manner. ;)

The plot was smooth, fast and exciting keeping me glued to the pages. I really love the different vampire factions, they’re unique and interesting, as well as the added element of werewolves now. The underlying series arc of the nasty Ptolemy continues with the bitter queen who will stop at nothing to have Jaden and Ty returned to her and the Lilim taken down. Midnight Reckoning has plenty of action and suspense, though the suspense was focused mainly on the forbidden relationship of Jaden and Lyra and it's outcome, but there is a seriously wicked twist that I did not see coming at all and is sure to throw plenty of readers for a loop! I can’t wait to see what Castle has in store for us next but I am intrigued by the dark and mysterious Shadow, Damien! This book makes a good stand alone but better read in order of the series and is absolutely a must read!