Lover Reborn

Lover Reborn - J.R. Ward 4.5 Stars

I'm still grieving the end of this book, why couldn't it just keep going on and on and on...
Tohr's story was brilliant and I am very happy with the way the WARDen pulled it off. Lover Reborn was sad, highly emotional, but heart warming as well and just really grabbed at you refusing to let go even at the end. There were a few things with the bonding between Tohr and N'one (Autumn) that confused me and I didn't understand until hearing the reasoning from JR Ward's Cinci Q&A but all in all they really fit. There were also a few surprises thrown in that threw me for a loop and had me cursing the WARDen just for a wee bit. lol
Lassiter plays a big role in Lover Reborn and I loved his character development, I hope we see more of this pierced angel soon! Then of course there was the furthering development of Qhuinn and Blay's relationship or lack there of and let me tell you, you will be dying for their book after finishing this one! Thank you JR Ward for giving it to us next because I don't think we could have waited any longer! The rest of the Brothers pop in and out throughout the story which is always a joy to see them...*sigh*...V...*sigh* ;)
A must read for BDB fans and if you haven't picked up a BDB book yet..Dude, where ya' been? Get to it! This is the #1 must-read paranormal romance series out there!

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