Unbroken - Rachel Caine 4.5 Stars

Unbroken is an explosive conclusion to a must-read urban fantasy series!

Cassiel was a True Djinn, cast down to live as a human after refusing an order from their leader, Ashan. She has been living as a Warden, and must be linked to one to remain alive. At first she held disdain for humans and the New Djinns that came from them. But being linked to her Warden partner Luis Rocha, she has learned human emotions and come to love Luis and his niece Ibby. The Mother (Earth) and her arch nemesis, Pearl, are determined however to take Cassiel's new found family away from her, and the entire world along with them. Unless Cassiel can finally do what she was asked to do so long ago by Ashan, destroy humanity and save the world, or watch it all burn.

Wow, what an end to a truly gripping series! Packed near bursting with action on every page, you're sure to finish this book in one sitting because you won't be able to put it down! A complex story line, end of the world suspense and danger, human betrayal, rogue djinn, and scary children on the corn! My only disappointment was that the action overshadowed the romance, which in a UF is expected but for my smut loving heart, I was left wanting. The characters however continued to shine which I expected no less from author Rachel Caine. Cassiel's character shows an abundance of growth throughout the series and in Unbroken, she has finally reached her pinnacle. She is strong, fierce and determined. Not quite human, yet not quite djinn any longer. I am so sad to see this and the Weather Warden series come to an end, these are characters that you will still be thinking of years later and will come back to again and again.

In my opinion this series should be read in order to grasp the full series arc. It is a spin-off of an all-time favorite UF series of mine, the Weather Wardens, but you don't have to read that series to understand this one. Though you're missing out on a unique and exceptional series if you don't! And of course I LOVED the David, Joanne, and Lewis cameos/tie-ins in this book!

Non stop action, thrilling adventure and heart pounding romance - be sure to pick up Unbroken and it's predecessors today!

Series reading order:
1. Undone
2. Uknown
3. Unseen
4. Unbroken