Deeper Than Midnight

Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian A gripping story of heartache, betrayal, trust and the discovery of love that left me breathless; Deeper than Midnight is an exceptional addition to an already superb series!

One of Dragos elite hunter’s, Hunter was bred for combat. Escaping his evil master and joining the Order, he still excels at the deadly art of assignation and shows no emotion…until the woman from a life changing vision is taken in by the Order and put under his protection. He is charged with the task of escorting Corinne Bishop, a woman held captive by Dragos, to her family’s Darkhaven. But when a simple mission turns into one of deception, deceit and danger a journey for the truth turns deadly and wrought with new emotions that neither ever imagined possible.

Deeper than Midnight exceeded any and all of my expectations! I wasn’t too thrilled with the last installment, Brock and Jenna’s story, it fell flat in my opinion and I felt there was a lot left open there… and still is... Then when it came to Hunter…how do you have interest and connect to a character that is seemly emotionless?

Well, Deeper than Midnight took me for a total 180 in that respect. Lara Adrian opened up all kind of facets in Hunter's character, giving him depth, dimension and an intensity that sucked me right in.
In an early twist we come to find out the Corinne has a son that she is determined to find, realizing that she can’t do it on her own she puts her trust in Hunter and never regrets it. The journey these two embark on is dark, sensual and heartwarming; both tortured souls in need of peace and they find this in each other. The romance between Hunter and Corinne was gradual and realistic, giving each time to accept new feelings and grow with them. They turned out to be a perfect match, balancing each other well. Corinne shows Hunter that he is more than just a well bred killing machine and in return, Hunter proves to Corinne that there is more in the world then the pain and torment she has endured for the last 75 years; namely love…

The plot flowed seamlessly, never allowing for distraction, with plenty of action. The sub-plot of Chase’s growing addiction and loss of control was deep and left me craving for his story. Along with the suspense of the Order’s fate, I was turning the pages wishing it wouldn’t come to an end. Some happy news for another Breed couple was woven into the story and I also loved getting back into the heads of my favorite couple, Lucan and Gabriel.

How Adrian penned such a sweet, yet dark, tale is beyond me but she has succeeded masterfully. Wonderfully recommended; if you haven’t picked up one of Lara Adrian’s novels then you must do so immediately, you won’t regret it!