Highlander Unchained

Highlander Unchained - Monica McCarty 4.5
Highlander Unchained follows Flora, Rory & Alex’s younger half-sister. We didn’t see too much of her in the first two novels, her story is pretty separate from the first two but Rory does make an appearance towards the end.
McCarty brings Flora and Lachlan to life with a flourish. Lachland McLean, Laird of Coll, has many responsibilities as his clan’s chief, some of which pull him in different directions. And one that leads him to kidnapping Flora McLeod, a pampered lady of the court who is determined to make her own choices in life, not be dictated to by her brothers and cousin, and most importantly, not be used for her wealth and position. Flora is headstrong and oft times, too set in her ways. She frustrates Lachlan to no end with her childish behavior and as the reader I sympathized with his feelings and the dilemmas he finds himself in when it comes to the ethereal beauty, Flora.
Lachlan is a brooding, protective and devastatingly sexy. His and Flora’s passion will singe you from the pages. The emotional turmoil between the characters kept me on edge and it became incredibly gut wrenching towards the end. I love a story that can put your heart through such acrobatics as what I have found in McCarty’s writing.
Monica McCarty does incredible work with her research and I love the little historical notes at the end of each novel. To know that these characters where actual real people and something along the story’s lines could of happened to them is simply fascinating.
What it all comes down to though is that the MacLeods of Skye Trilogy is a must-read series that you should not pass up.

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