Going Cowboy Crazy

Going Cowboy Crazy - Katie Lane Going Cowboy Crazy is a sensational debut from author Katie Lane- smart, funny and sexy!

When Faith Aldridge’s mom reveals a shocking secret, the shy and sheltered thirty-year-old sets out on a road trip to find the identical twin sister she never knew she had. Her adventure starts in the small town of Bramble, Texas, where the townsfolk mistake her for her sister and town’s sweetheart, Hope, and no amount of denials will change their mind. But the sexy golden cowboy and the towns favorite quarterback, Slate Calhoun, knows the difference between these twin’s kisses and Hope’s have never knocked him off his feet like Faith’s do. With the town set on Slate and ‘Hope’ tying the knot they will do anything to keep Faith in town, which plays into Slate’s plans of keeping her in his bed. But when the real Hope shows up accepting marriage to Slate will he be able to convince Faith that she’s the twin he wants? Or will it be too late by the time Faith finally puts her trust in him?

I really loved this one; it's like Sweet Home Alabama meets The Parent Trap, except with a smokin' hot cowboy who knows how to work it!

Lane has developed a fantastic couple in Slate and Faith. I love how the whole town is involved in the story and a real pushing point for their relationship, even if they do think Faith is someone else. And the side characters are just as memorable as the main. Slate and Faith’s attraction grew beautifully into a relationship that was sigh-worthy and believable. And the growth in each of their characters was really well written. There was nothing that I didn’t like about these main characters.
Going Cowboy Crazy has a fun and fast-paced plot with plenty of good humor and some seriously sexy scenes, the up and down emotions between Slate and Faith took my heart on a thrilling ride.
The busy body townsfolk’s were hilarious; trying their hardest to get Slate and whom they thought was Hope together. I would die in some of the situations they found themselves in and sympathized with the character’s frustration over the lack of privacy, but everyone’s commitment to the community and their citizens is so heart warming and I love their enthusiasm, especially when it comes to football.
An amazing read and I hope to read much more from this new author, Katie Lane.