Hunting Human

Hunting Human - Amanda E. Alvarez Hunting Human was a gripping tale, start to finish, every page left me craving for more!

Beth and Braden are fabulous characters that I fell in love with right away.
Beth has a lot of emotional baggage from a tragedy that changed her life forever. Through out the entire novel she has a lot of internal conflict with herself and the world around her. She struggles to come to terms with the monster inside of her; the same monster that killed her best friend and who she fears and constantly fights against. It’s very emotional and when she slowly began to take control of her fears I found myself rooting her on.
Braden is smart, sexy, charming and a true alpha wolf. Right away he knows that Beth is his and he doesn’t give up on her but he does give her space, which I loved. He also has a fabulous family that was firmly ingrained into the story and I could easily imagine myself in midst of the chaos. Each character was compelling and dimensional. Chase, Braden’s brother, was a big motivator in helping Beth move forward with her life. I can’t wait to read his story; he is definitely a character with many layers.

The author moves the story flawlessly back and forth from past to present so you can get the whole picture of Beth’s past tragedies. Alvarez also provides a unique and intriguing back-story on the werewolf history with the dark and twisted villain being an integral part of it wrapping all the plot points up neatly.

Hunting Human is fast paced and action packed with, witty dialogues, incredibly hot sex scenes and exciting twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I recommend this to all paranormal and fantasy lovers and I can’t wait to read more of the Edwards family!