One Grave at a Time

One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost Cat and Bones are back and their relationship is better than ever but danger is never far for this vampire duo. This time though, their enemy is something that they can’t even see to fight. How do you kill a creature that has no corporeal body?

One Grave at a Time picks up right after This Side of the Grave; Cat is learning to deal with the powers she absorbed from the ghoul queen and becoming a ghost magnet, literally. When Fabien shows up with a friend though who needs help hunting down a sadistic witch hunter, Heinrich Kramer, Cat’s new powers turn out to be both a blessing….and a curse. Now it’s a race against time to save Kramer’s latest victims before Halloween, when he can take physical form and perform a witch burning.

Full of danger and desire, One Grave at a Time is another must-read from author Jeaniene Frost. Cat and Bones’ relationship has grown and matured yet is still kept fresh and fantastic, with the perfectly sizzling chemistry that we first found in Halfway to the Grave still in abundance. Though there is a notable lack of emotional tension and the sexual escapades that Frost has become known for, she makes it up with utterly romantic scenes of the couple reminiscing on the past that will literally leave you breathless by the end.

Swift moving and action packed, One Grave at a Time focuses more on the urban fantasy side then paranormal romance this time around. Most of the gang is back with Ian, Spade, Denise, Fabien and a few new friends kicking ass alongside Cat and Bones; repelling ghosts, erecting traps and hunting down this vile enemy and the victims he terrorizes. Always one for sarcastic and humorous dialogue, Frost does not disappoint but with Ian we know this is a given! However a new, somewhat flamboyant, character Tyler who is a medium also added some laugh out loud moments and is sure to be a new fan favorite.

There is a mysterious sub-plot of a suspicious new guy, Jason Madigan, who storms the compound and Cat’s prior team, claiming Don’s position. Madigan seems to know a lot more then what he’s leading on and we will definitely be seeing more of him in the future. And not just for the fact that he has an uncanny ability for showing up at the worst possible times, unknowingly aiding Cat’s opponent!

One Grave at a Time is not the usual heart twisting; emotional rollercoaster we have come to expect with the Night Huntress series, which was somewhat disappointing, but this book is none the less sexy, gripping and purely addictive!

It is also perfectly set up to work as a standalone. I recommend reading the series from the start since it is one of the best series out there but if you want to read a new release before committing to the whole series then One Grave at a Time would be perfect for it.