Witches of East End

Witches of East End - Melissa  de la Cruz Courtesy of Book-It-Forward ARC Tours

Witches of East End is Melissa de la Cruz’s first foray into the adult paranormal romance genre and it is a fabulous start!

This book follows the three Beauchamp witches in a world parallel to the Blue Blood’s, who many centuries ago use to be Goddesses until the bridge between the worlds was destroyed and they were trapped on this side. After the Salem Witch Trials, which they were involved in, all witches were punished by the council to live as normal, although immortal, humans and to never use magic again.
In the small town of North Hampton when they’re friends need assistance though, Freya, Ingrid and Joanna can’t help but to use a small bit of magic to aid them. At first the town is open to their magic but when residents start disappearing and are found dead the town goes on a witch-hunt.
The Beauchamp women must find the true culprits behind these crimes while navigating the curvy roads of their own relationships. Ingrid has realized too late what she feels for the local detective and must hear daily reports on his relationship with her co-worker, while Freya finds herself in the middle of a steamy love triangle between two brothers, and Joanna must go searching for her estranged husband in hopes to save the world!

Witches of East End started out a bit slow for me but when the pace eventually picked up I wasn't be able to put it down. I read this book in about nine hours; it was glued to my hands!
It’s an exciting adventure packed with love, betrayal, Norse mythology, witches, vampires and zombies. There are also plenty of unexpected twists & turns and super sexy love scenes. Each sister is totally different from the other and their point of views are very diverse; even the mother Joanna is not anything like her daughters.
Cruz takes you through the glom, into Midgard and Asgard - the land of the Gods, and to New York with an intense plot and captivating characters. The ending was a surprise and left me craving the second book in the series, The Serpents Kiss. Which is scheduled to be released sometime next year and I can’t wait!

Mimi and Oliver from Cruz’s Y.A. Blue Bloods series make a few cameos and if you’re an adult fan of the series then I def. recommend you reading the Beauchamp books. It gives a few little hints as to what is going on in the Blue Bloods world as well.