Of Dukes and Deceptions

Of Dukes and Deceptions - Wendy Soliman Rating: 2 1/2
Quickie Review
Courtesy of NetGalley

Of Dukes and Deceptions was a fun little read, if you’re not looking for a serious plot.

The story line was weak, the relationships unbelievable and the characters undeveloped but Nick and Alicia’s dialogues with each other were hilarious and it’s why I gave this novel a 2.5. Now, Nick the hero is an arrogant ass with little to no redeeming qualities but you know in real life how there are just some people who think they are God’s gift to the world and all you can do is just shake your head and give a little laugh, that’s how you have to take Nick. He did show some signs of redemption at the very end though. =)

As to the writing, It seemed like the author was trying to use too big of words, which was a bit confusing in some scenes, ex: “Alicia’s precipitate departure went unobserved by all, with the exception of Nick.”

But it was awesome to see BDSM in regency times! Nick and Alicia had some seriously sexy scenes together though terms such as ‘rampant’ were so over used I found myself laughing instead of being turned on.

A fun and light little read for beside the pool or on the beach but don’t expect too much.