Kiss of Darkness

Kiss of Darkness - Loribelle Hunt 4 1/2

Demons are real and they aren’t the sexy bad boys with a hidden heart. They’re animals that will rip through a human without a thought. The Nightwalkers and Lupines use to be one group, their original purpose to protect the humans from demons. But when they started infighting and split into two, the humans had to take care of their own. Picking from people whose lives have been destroyed by the demons, a group of hybrids are formed. Humans, who willing take in a demon soul for strength and abilities to fight back and take out the demon threat.
Winter joined the Order sixty years ago after her husband was killed by demons, seeking revenge on them ever since. But now she fights another threat, the threat to her soul.
When Marcus, Lord of the Nightwalkers, comes to Winter’s rescue, he could be the answer to keeping her soul, but will she loose her heart in the process?

Kiss of Darkness is an entertaining read that kept me enthralled the whole time. Winter is a strong heroine but is vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart. Her and Marcus butt heads right from the beginning. Him wanting to keep her protected and her needing to take care of herself and those she is responsible for. Then you have the little problem of him knowing right away Winter is his mate but she doesn’t believe it and even if she did, is reluctant to ever give up her heart again. Marcus is everything I love in an alpha hero; strong, arrogant, possessive, and oh so yummy. He teases Winter unmercifully until he feels she is ready to accept him. This of course leads to some loves scenes that I was surprised didn’t turn my ereader into a melted lump!
Plenty of action and suspense to keep you turning the page along with tension filled romance that will grab your heart. Kiss of Darkness has a dynamic plot, with plenty of side characters to love and sub-plots that, while somewhat predictable, surprise you at the end and add exciting elements to the over all story-arc.

I liked how Hunt veered from the norm with the Nightwalker’s method of feeding, having them feed off psychic energy instead of blood. I have a hard time understanding how one species broke into two such different groups though, the Nightwalkers and the Lupines. Hopefully there is more of the history behind that and explanations will be given in future installments. Kiss of Twilight, featuring Kara & Dupree, is up next and I am eagerly anticipating it though I am dying to read more of Gia & Luke!

Copy courtesy of NetGalley for review