Sin Undone

Sin Undone - Larissa Ione 4 1/2
My Synopsis:

Sinead, Sin for short, is an anomaly. She is the first and only Seminus demon ever born and being so, sees herself as a total freak. She has all the sexual urges of male Seminus demons, except that she is unable to climax until her partner does and she also has one little extra ability; she can cause deadly diseases with just a thought and the touch of her hand. As an assassin, and now assassin master, and one bad-ass chick to boot she uses this ability often and in Ecstasy Unveiled we saw her use it to kill a warg. By doing so she unintentionally started a contagious disease that is being spread throughout the warg population decimating their numbers. Now she has the warg council wanting revenge on her, her own assassins trying to kill her when she leaves the den so they can take her place, a born warg and turned warg civil war on her hands, the Aieg and a special government agency wanting to destroy the entire warg race before the disease has a chance to spread to humans, mysterious horsemen and a sexy dhampire breathing down her neck. What is a Sem girl to do? Kick-ass and take names for one!
Con is half warg, half vampire and from the very secretive Dhampire race. As a warg council member he is charged with bringing Sin in and finding a cure to the disease killing his family and friends. But Con’s already met up with the volatile female seminus demon at UGH and it’s an encounter that he can’t get out of his mind. When he must stick with her to both protect her and find a cure their relationship turns complex, full of secrets and misgivings, it seems doomed from the start. And while the heat between them burns brighter the world around them explodes into chaos.

My Thoughts:

Sin’s story is a wicked ride starting right where Ecstasy Unveiled ended. You are easily drawn into the Demonica world, no matter where you start in the series and Larissa Ione’s masterful story telling with intricate plot designs instantly captures your imagination. In Sin Undone there is a lot going on but it is easy to follow and I loved the little sub-plot with the warg Luc. Sin’s character was a bit hard for me too get into at first but as her character grew and developed by the middle of the book I was really feeling her, she has a true heart of gold under all that grit and Con is her perfect match. And the intensity between those two, wow, it is sizzling. Sin Undone is an absolute page turn, fast-paced, with nail biting twists and emotional turns. And the whole UGH family is involved, this is how you imagine every family should be.
It’s definitely a bitter sweet ending for me with the series but I am looking forward to seeing more of the Sems family in Ione’s upcoming Lords of Deliverance series. This series is a must read, move it to the top of your TBR list and go get it today. For reals people, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this series and add it to your favorites.