Eternity Embraced (Demonica, #3.5)

Eternity Embraced (Demonica, #3.5) - Larissa Ione Eternity Embraced is a fast paced and entertaining novella, featuring Andrea, a feisty little slayer who’s sexy boyfriend and fellow slayer, Kayden, has been captured by vampires. She enters the vampire’s layer knowing that if he is still alive then he has been changed and she must kill him. But when she finds the same man she loved, minus a heart beat and with a new set of fangs, she is torn between what she has been trained to do and what her heart is telling her.
Andrea is determined to make a relationship with Kayden work, regardless of his changes but, having a similar experience with his past fiancé, Kayden is reluctant. Andrea must convince him that they can get through this together but also make sure he is kept safe from their fellow Aegis members who now want to hunt him down for being a vampire.

This was a great short in the demonica series. It’s listed as Demonica 3.5 so I read this before starting Ecstasy Unveiled, I didn’t think it would have anything from the forth novel mentioned. I was wrong and there was a teeny tiny spoiler at the end, nothing too serious though.
I loved the characters, the dialogue between them and the story line, a well-written full story despite being a novella. I was also excited to see Tayla & Eidolon make an appearance.

I had to mark this line down because I loved it:
“That wasn’t so bad. We kicked ass.” She holstered her stake with her trademark sexy, confident shove home. Oh yeah, he definitely appreciated a hot chick who knew how to handle wood. Pun intended.