Raziel - Kristina Douglas Just when Allie Watson meets a beautiful man she dies, what luck. But when the man turns out to be a fallen angel and saves her from the fires of Hell she doesn't know whether to be relived or apprehensive.
Raziel doesn’t know why he pulled the human woman from the gate when Uriel ordered her there but now he’s stuck with her and that is the last thing he wants. He gave up human women long ago and doesn’t plan to start hanging around them now. But until he can figure out what else to do with her he must take her back to Sheol, the hidden home of the fallen.
When Allie arrives she receives the cold shoulder by everyone but the women there, Raziel avoids her as much as possible and then when the Nephilim end up at Sheol’s gates everyone blames her. Maybe Hell was the better option.

The Fallen: Raziel was an okay read, the concept unique and interesting, but the plot moved along at a slow pace. Also, I enjoyed the story itself more then the characters, I wasn't able to connect with them at all.
With a new spin on fallen angels, Heaven being the bad guys and the fallen and Lucifer being good, it gave the story an intriguing twist; along with the fallen resembling vampire myths and the nephilim zombie. The world building was complex and well written. First person point of views flowed smoothly to each character but in some instances where we moved to a secondary couple it was told in third person, which was odd.

The main characters were disappointing. Allie was vain, selfish and annoying; though she did redeem herself at the end I still wasn't buying her as a heroine. The secondary character, Sarah, was more of one then her. While Raziel is the poster boy for the brooding hero and I felt, lacked depth and dimension. As a couple I never saw a true connection between them; there was a fated bonding, physical attraction and lust but no love or passion, I don’t even think Raziel told Allie that he loved her anytime throughout the story. There were several hot love scenes but sex does not make a relationship.

I also never understood how Allie was a ghost but still basically alive; she could bleed, ete, drink, ect., and be killed. How can someone who was already dead be killed again? That whole concept was never fully explained.

The villain of the story, Uriel, was missing throughout the novel, only being referred to.
The action at the end and the closing of the story, which there were only 2-3 scenes that had action, was very anti-climatic. There was a cliffhanger at the end but it didn’t leave me anticipating the next book in the series, it left me just wanting to toss it across the room and be done with it.

I’m sorry to say that I probably won’t be picking up the next book in this series. It had potential but fell flat with the characters and unexplained important aspects of the overall story.

2.5 stars