Arctic Winds

Arctic Winds - Sondrae Bennett I am amazed at how much of a story Sondrae Bennett has managed to pack into such a small package! (72 pages!)

Samantha is an unsure and timid arctic fox that was orphaned at a young age then kicked out of her skulk four years ago. Since then she has been traveling the country, never staying in one place too long or forming any attachments and steering clear of shifter communities. When she falls ill and accidentally enters into a wolf packs territory she is frightened for her life; she knows how vicious shifter packs are in Alaska and doesn’t think this one could be any different.
When premier Jason enters the dinner an alluring scent catches his nose and he immediately focuses on its owner- a petite, gorgeous blond who is definitely not human and Jason’s wolf comes to full attention. But when he goes to question the new comer she faints dead away.
Samantha comes to with the sexy hulking wolf holding her hand and is shocked when he insists on her staying in the town, even giving her a job & accommodations. Why not, she thinks, but doesn’t expect to hang around for long; she never does. But Jason plans on keeping her around for good; he knows he has found his mate in the little fox. Now all he has to do is convince Samantha of it.

Arctic Winds is a beautiful romance with characters that will capture your heart and love scenes that will make your blood boil. Jason is a sexy alpha wolf that can take care of me any day of the week! And his little heart, Samantha, is sweet and loving but comes with some heavy emotional baggage; you can’t help but feel for her. As they struggle with their relationship they grow into a admirable couple, you will be rooting for a HEA for this pair. A marvelous debut and start to the Alpine Woods Shifters series and I am looking forward to more!