Passion Unleashed

Passion Unleashed - Larissa Ione My thoughts on it:
Although I can’t view it well on my Sony I just love the cover of this novel; I think it’s a great portrayal of Wraith & Serena.

The drama at UGH continues with Passion Unleashed, the third book in the Demonica series and is about Eidolon & Shade’s trouble making brother, Wraith. After finishing these first three books in the series I was trying to decide which seminus demon brother was my favorite but I keep going back and forth on them. Right now I’d say it was Eidolon, Wraith, then Shade. I think Eidolon is the glue that holds everything together and I love Shade’s commitment to his family, then Wraith has that bad boy persona going on that just makes me melt but you know there’s a heart of gold deep down inside. See my dilemma?

But back to Passion Unleashed, this novel is dark & gritty with unequaled amounts of passion and is filled with intense emotions that will knock you right in the chest. Each of Ione’s Demonica characters is unique and well developed and Passion Unleashed is no exception. Eidolon, Shade & family play a continuing role in the series and their dedication to each other is heartwarming and it’s always great to see how easily these arrogant alpha males can be wrapped around a strong heroine’s little finger. Just goes to show you that behind every great man is an even greater woman. Kynan & Gem’s story continues as well and some of it is so heartbreaking that I found myself tearing up but Gem has really developed a strong backbone in the last year that Kynan has been gone. Reaver, the not-so-fallen-angel, takes on a strong role as a fully developed character and there is a very interesting and surprising new character that we will hopefully see more of very soon.
Then we have our main characters; both Serena and Wraith are witty & have a wicked sense of humor, their dialogues were highly entertaining. And there are so many dimensions and layers to peel back in each of them; they really come to life on the pages.
The plot and sub-plots are captivating & complex and the story just flows from page to page, it is impossible not to become immersed in this book and loose all sense of time and the world going around outside of it. Passion Unleashed has it all; irony, mystery & intrigue, action & suspense, betrayal, tension & romance, blistering love scenes and characters that grow as you read. Then it all comes to a scorching climax at the end with a final battle between good and evil that only Wraith has the power to stop and with a decision to confront his tortured past to save the woman he loves. A fabulous read that I thoroughly enjoyed!