I'll Be Slaying You

I'll Be Slaying You - Cynthia Eden Quickie:

Dee is a hunter for Night Watch, one of the few humans, that track lethal human criminals and Other’s that step over the line. She specializes in hunting vampires and is always on the look out for the bloodsucker that slaughtered her family. Dee is currently on the hunt for a Born Vampire that has entered her city when dark & sexy Simon shows up in an alley to ‘save’ Dee from a gunshot. Dee is instantly attracted and distrustful; is Simon helping her out of the goodness of his heart or does he have a hidden agenda?
Simon is a Taken Vampire with a haunted past and a powerful master that he will go to any length to escape. He believes that Dee is his salvation and will use all means available to succeed in his plan, including seducing the slayer.
When Dee and Simon must work together though to take out the Born Vampire they slowly begin to trust and care for each other. But will revelations of each other’s past & secrets get in the way of their blooming romance? And will they even survive the fight looming on the horizon?

This is a story of forbidden lovers, the vampire & vampire slayer, and an evil villain out to destroy them both. The plot is an action-packed mystery where you’ll need to put on your detective cap. I’ll Be Slaying You is darker then Eden’s previous Night Watch book but contains great romance and scorching love scenes. You’re sure to fall in love with Simon right away and if you don’t with Dee then not to worry, she will grow on you I promise. Your favorite characters from the first book make frequent appearances and I am really interested to learn more about them, especially Zane, Tony and the mysterious Pak.
I’ll Be Slaying You is an entertaining fast-paced read, if somewhat predictable, but well told regardless and you are sure to enjoy it.