Bitten to Death

Bitten to Death - Jennifer Rardin Jaz, Vayl and David travel to Pantras, to Vayl’s former vampere Trust with the hopes of finally taking out Edward “The Raptor” Stamos. They struck an agreement with the Trust’s Deyrar, Hamon, to ambush Stamos during an agreed-upon meeting. Everything’s set and should run smoothly but this is Jaz Parks we’re talking about and nothing is that simple in her life. Upon arriving at the Trust the gang discovers that the Trust has a new leader with deep & tangled ties to Vayl. Can Jaz & Vayl overcome the obstacles of his past together, can all three of them be stronger then the Trust House’s powers that is trying to pull them apart, and what is up with that girl’s throat? You’ll just have to read this book to find out!

Bitten to Death is a bit darker and not as humorous as the previous Jaz Parks books but still just as good. The plot is action-packed jumping right into it as Jaz points Grief at a vamp, with twists that will keep you guessing. Well-developed characters and intense sub-plots; one concerning Jaz’s brother, Dave, and his struggle to get past his zombie kind of possession that we saw in Biting the Bullet. And other’s with Were’s and a horse-size dog that has an absolutely hilarious scene on pg. 100. Warning: Don’t drink anything while reading this part because you will most likely have it shooting out your nose from laughing so hard! I don’t want to give any spoilers though so you’ll just have to read Bitten to Death.

Bergman and Cassandra only make minor appearances with Cole showing up a bit more but Rardin lets you know what’s going on with them so they’re always in the back of your mind.

Samos is just one of the villains in Bitten to Death and the other one is just eww…really it grossed me out. Rardin did a wonderful job creating a creature that can make you cringe like that.

Jaz & Vayl’s relationship seem to have a one step forward, two steps back kind of dance going on that leaves Jaz question both her personal AND professional relationship with him. Rardin has such a way grabbing at you and sucking you into the characters some scenes felt like a personal blow to the heart.
Jaz also has her moments when she knows she should act one way but just can’t help being the dysfunctional Jaz we all know and love, her inner bitch and Granny May then like to show up giving Jaz helpful advice that she doesn’t always like or take. I would go crazy if I had that many voices hollering in my head, for reals! I give Jaz props for keeping it together as much as she does.

Another great read with the kick-ass, smart talking heroine Jaz Parks.