The Darkest Secret

The Darkest Secret - Gena Showalter I wasn’t looking forward to this book as much as I have the other LOTU novels, Amun didn’t have enough personality in past novels to interest me much and the choice of heroine Showalter picked was just crazy, but to say that I was pleasantly surprised with His Darkest Secret would be a vast understatement.

The story continues right where His Darkest Lie leaves off. I was enthralled from the first page when Strider comes strutting through the Budapest Fortress door, cocky as hell, carrying his new prisoner, Haidee – Hunter and killer of Baden, over his shoulder. But Amun soon steals the show, fighting for his life from the demons that he absorbed into his body while in hell. When Haidee, being imprisoned in the room next-door, hears him calling for her help in her head, she first mistakes Amun for her boyfriend Micah, who looks identical, but she’s never felt that spark with him as she does with Amun.

I loved the dialogue between these two. Haidee’s character was the exact opposite then what I was expecting, instead of finding a hard b*tch of a Hunter, we found a brave and sensitive woman who’s life has been Hell and you easily sympathize with her. Her background was interesting and I liked how it tied into the Lords. Amun is fiercely loyal and loving with all of his brothers, protective with Haidee and not to mention damn sexy. He really came to the forefront of the series with this novel, where as before he was kind of regulated to the background. Showalter fleshed out both characters masterfully, with her amazingly adept writing skills that are matched by few. And the scenes between these two got steamy quick!

Non-stop excitement with Amun and Haidee traveling back to Hell to release the demons inside Amun but this couple finds more then their fair share of danger with hellish creatures emerging from the dark and past enemies, one will sacrifice it all for the possibility love. His Darkest Secret is an emotional ride start to finish.

I love smart-ass Strider and we receive a glimpse of what’s to come with him & Kaia’s relationship His Darkest Surender, and all I have to say is those two have their work cut out for them. Whew. Also, there is a part with him, William and Paris that was hilarious and we delved more into Stridey's character on his little vacay as well.
We also saw a bit of poor Paris and wow, what a twist. I cannot wait for his novel, The Darkest Seduction.

Just one more hit to add to the best-seller’s bag of Gena Showalter’s fan-friggin-tastic works. This is one author that should be on everyone’s auto-buy lists!