Obsession Untamed

Obsession Untamed - Pamela Palmer Series Review:

The Feral Warriors is a dark and sexy series; every page will leave you craving for more of these delicious warriors.

The series focused on a group of fine warrior males with troubled pasts that meet and fight for their lady loves, which is not as easy as it sounds. Each novel focuses on a different warrior and their HEA.
To balance out the romance and keep the story entertaining there is suspense and action; with the nine Ferals fighting against Daemons; nasty little evil creatures trying to release the High Daemon, Satanan and take over the world.
Each warrior has their own little gifts and ability to shift into a specific animal and fight the Daemons to protect the humans and the world. If that wasn’t enough, Mages (magick users), who have long been enemies of the Therians, have joined with the Daemons in the war. These creatures worship the Goddess, Mother Earth, and when one of the Mages is killed Mother Earth gets upset, which adds interesting plot twists. How are they to dispatch a threat that will in turn anger the very Earth they are fighting to save? Will the Ferals prevail and make the world safe again or will the Daemons succeed, causing all Hell breaks loose, literally?
Each novel is well written, the relationships between characters is well developed, the group dynamic intriguing and the dialogue between each is entertaining. Bad boy Jag in Rapture Untamed is my favorite so far but I love each warrior and their own feisty heroines that keep them on their toes.

The Feral Warriors is an exciting series and a great read. If you like The Dark (Carpathian) Series, Midnight Breed Series and Jacquelyn Frank's series then I definitely recommend these to try out. Super for all paranormal romance and urban fantasy lovers.