Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Eternal Kiss of Darkness - Jeaniene Frost I absolutely LOVE the Night Huntress Series. It is my all time favorite series out there and I can read the books over and over again and never get bored with them. Frost has branched out from that series with Night Huntress World which features secondary characters as main characters. Her first book of the series was First Drop of Crimson and centered around Spade, Bones long-time friend, and Denise, Cat's BFF. I loved these characters to begin with so was overjoyed to learn I was going to be able to read their stories. From the first time Spade walked into Bone's cave and had his first run-in with Cat I was hooked on him.
But in the Cat & Bones books I wasn't too fond of Mencheres. He pretty much seemed like an arrogant prick to me, although a very powerful one, with no emotion or depth. I mean, my favorite scene of him was this;

Cat- “Hey, Walks Like An Egyptian, how about for once you drop the formal stuff and talk like you live in the twenty-first century?”
”The shit’s gonna splatter, start buggin’, yo,” Mencheres responded instantly.

LMAO- Priceless.
After reading EKOD though my opinion of him has done a total 180. In EKOD you finally learn about Mencheres' roots and Frost basically breathes life into his character, along with making him uber smexy. Bonus!

Kira is smart, courageous and independent with a deep sense of loyalty and duty. These characteristics lead Kira to stumble across Mencheres and a few nasty ghouls. Then, after learning about this otherworld, Kira takes it like a trooper and doesn't back down to Mencheres.
Mencheres' major bad-ass powers add yummy sexual tingelness which leads to some hot and steamy going on, literally. Kira is a challenge that Mencheres just can't back away from. And not being able to erase her memories doesn't help his situation because unless he wants to run the risk of Kira blabbing about all she has seen, he can't let her go. An evil dude from Mencheres past also has plans for him and puts Kira and him in some hard predicaments.

Cat and Bones make an appearance as well, which YAY for that, but I didn't much care for their scene. They were seriously harsh. But I did enjoy all the Vlad airtime. On a side note, SO happy Jeaniene posted that she was contracted for TWO Vlad books. Woohoo!

EKOD is full of action, danger, love, lust and doubt. A lot of serious scenes due to Mencheres serious nature but Kira balances it out with Frost's classic spunky & sarcastic attitude that she likes to give her heroines. You won't want to miss this one!

My favorite quotes from this book:
"Dead or not, you must be bored with women telling you how you look like the hottest, most exotic wet dream they’ve ever had. No wonder the thought of you, grapes, and some scented massage oils crossed my mind – and if you drop that towel again, I’m going to need a cold shower."


"First bubble baths. Now Disney parks. You're shattering every creepy vampire myth I've ever heard."