When Twilight Burns

When Twilight Burns - Colleen Gleason Series Review:

I was enthralled from the first page of The Rest Falls Away and was captivated until the end of As Shadows Fade. I devoured all five Gardella novels with in a week.

The Gardella Vampire Chronicles is a historical paranormal romance with a heroine, Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy, struggling to balance her normal life with her not so normal. I don't want to give any spoilers but she has a lot to deal with throughout the series; along with a few love interests with a bit of a love triangle later on.
Gleason takes the classic route with vampires, not adding anything crazy without explaining why. The one thing that is off about the classic vampire myths is nothing permanent and I’ll leave you guessing with that one.
The series arc is full and well rounded with romance, mystery, murder and treasure hunting. Each character is endearing and well fleshed out with incredible world building, you can easily picture yourself hunting down the dark alleys with Victoria.
The only thing I was disappointed with was the end, and that is because a certain character didn't get their HEA. But who knows, Gleason might write one for that character someday and if she does I will definitely be reading it.
The whole series is centered on the same characters so if you don't like trying to remember a million different characters throughout the series you'll like this one. I recommend this to historical romance, paranormal romance and urban fantasy lovers. A must read!