Once Perfect

Once Perfect - Cecy Robson MMA fighter, ex-military, club bouncer, gorgeous alpha male with a sweet, protective side? How could I resist Once Perfect?

Evelyn Preston use to have it all, but then her father was caught embezzling and not only did she loose him to suicide, but she also lost the life she knew and the friends she had. Now, struggling to scrape by, Evelyn juggles nursing school while waitressing at Club Excess. While working one night Evelyn comes face-to-face with one of her biggest fears and bouncer Mateo comes to her rescue. In the beginning, his size and ability to perform violence so easily scares her. But when another bouncer reveals part of Mateo's past, Evelyn finds a kindred spirit. When devastating secrets she doesn't even realize she was keeping though surface, will Mateo and Evelyn's bond remain strong or will ghosts from the past tear it apart?

I really liked the premises of Once Perfect. Mateo was a easy to love hero with depth. He protected Evie and seemed to have a sixth sense of what she needed. The sexual tension between the two as their relationship grew from friendship to something more was wonderfully written and really had me squirming in my seat. The climax to that build-up though left me wanting with it's lack of steam. Evelyn on the other hand, while a nice heroine to read about never really wowed me. Her past is dark and devastating but I think predicable. And while the ending was pleasent and happy, I felt it was tied up too quickly and neatly.

All in all, If you're looking for a sexy, sweet, and swoon-worthy hero to read about then I recommend Once Perfect. It was an easy, quick read that I enjoyed.