Tricked and Treated

Tricked and Treated - Lauren Blakely Burn For Me is a scorching novella that is sure to light your fire!

Jamie Lansing has been tiptoeing around her attraction for firefighter and construction worker, Smith Grayson, for years now. They have a great friendship and she doesn't want to loose that. Besides, the rough-around-the-edges southern boy isn't her type anyways. Jamie likes romance and poetry while Smith probably hasn't ever picked up a book and doesn't keep a girlfriend for more then a few weeks. But when a simple dance turns into a mind-blowing experience in a storage room, Jamie is left craving more. She can have a purely sexual relationship with Smith without involving her heart, right? After all, she has seen first hand what happens when two people who are total opposites try to make a relationship work. Smith wants more then just no-strings-attached sex with Jamie though, but if he has to use it to prove to her that he'll stick around for the long haul he is more then up for the challenge. Can he convince her that the fire between them will burn longer then just a few weeks?

Burn For Me is the definition of short and sexy! The chemistry between Jamie and Smith light up the pages. Jamie is a reserved character; her world is ordered and though she likes to have a good time as much as any girl, she never gets wild. But dirty-talking Smith makes Jamie's motor rev for more! *fans self* Smith is the star of the local fire department's calendar and if that wasn't hard enough to resist, he also volunteers at the local burn center and rescues cats from trees. Despite the novella length I felt well invested in the outcome of Smith and Jamie's relationship. It progressed at a good pace and the sex, holy hotness, I could practically see the smoke rising from my kindle. Burn For Me is the start to the Fighting Fire series from Lauren Blakely and I am looking forward to more stories about the rest of these sexy firemen!