Back to You

Back to You - Jessica Scott 4.5 Stars

I have been patiently waiting for Trent and Laura's story since the start of this series and I had my fingers crossed the whole time that the author would be able to pull it off in a satisfying way. Back to You turned out to be an impassioned story of two people that are clearly meant to be, finding their way back to each other through courage and heartache.

Captain Trent Davila has a promising career in the army and a beautiful family waiting for him at home. But it's a career that he throws himself into from past demons and guilt, and one that purposely removes him from a family that he no longer feels comfortable around. His wife, Laura, has waited for him to come home for years, and always thought that she was strong enough to continue that way for as long as Trent needed. But when truths are revealed and rumors swirl, she can no longer be there for a man who is now a stranger to her and their children.
When Trent is served with divorce papers and faced with a court martial, he returns home to not only clear his name but also repair his family. But he needs Laura's help in more ways then one. Can Trent convince her that he's back for good and that he wants to be there for his family? Or has he broken her trust beyond repair?

Jessica Scott has a talent for writing emotional roller-coasters that despite being fictitious are beyond real. Through Back to You, Scott takes readers on a journey of heartbreak and reconciliation through both Trent and Laura perspective. Their feelings, determination, despair, and most of all, love, radiate from the pages. Trent is a broken hero with many demons due to war, my heart broke for him many times while reading. We all understand the affects of war, but through Scott's expert writing we live it, and the aftermath of coming home from it which is not always as easy as some may think. Laura is a strong, and because of the situation she is in as a military spouse, independent heroine. While I felt sympathy for her circumstances, I also cheered her strength and courage. Readers receive an in-depth, balanced view of what each Laura and Trent are working through. One if not risen above the other, or seen as more in the right then the other. And what I loved most about Back to You was that the author didn't throw up any unnecessary road blocks between Trent and Laura just for the sake of conflict or shock value. She kept it true to her characters and story. One thing you never doubt through the story is the love and passion that Laura and Trent share regardless of their problems, sometimes it just takes the head a little longer to catch up to the heart.

Each character, secondary and main, had bottomless depth and dimension. Besides Trent and Laura's struggles, we also see the progression of Vic and Nicole's, and Shane and Jen's relationships. And they add well timed laughter and advice to the story. Scott clearly pours her heart and all of her military experience into this story of second chance romance, and I for one, am beyond satisfied with the outcome. Back to You is the first book of the year to make my 'Best of 2014' reading list and it is readily deserved. I look forward to more from this must-read military romance series!