The Winning Season

The Winning Season - Alison Packard I really liked The Winning Season. It was a sweet, charming romance that moved at a good pace. Kelly and Matt didn't have an easy start, they could barely stand each other at the beginning of the story. But there is no denying the spark between them that slowly rises to a simmering passion.

Matt and Kelly both have demons from their past that still taunt them, and they are reluctant to let anyone past their shields because of that. As they are forced to spend days together on the road and in the locker room though, those walls slowly start to crumble. But when one is betrayed, will it shatter the fragile relationship they have built? And will they loose more then just a game?

The Winning Season is a wonderful story for sport romance fans, that follows the baseball season but doesn't overshadow the relationship between these two main characters. The characters were well written, the author is obviously knowledgeable about the sport, and the plot kept me turning the pages. This one will defiantly put a smile on your face by the end.