Elect - Rachel Van Dyken Up and down, right and left, Elect had me all over the place, not know which direction the story was going to go in next... and I enjoyed every page of it!

Elect follows the events in Elite, you need to read that book first in order to understand this story. The search is still on for the one who murdered Tracey's parents. In the meantime, Tracey's life in endanger and the only way to keep her safe is for Nixon to step back and let his best friend, Chase, take his spot as lover and protector. No matter how difficult or heart breaking it might be, Nixon rather have Tracey safe and away from him then take the chance of loosing her forever. But Chase if in love with Tracey as well. Is this his chance to capture her heart in return, even at the risk of loosing his life long friend forever?
Stakes are high. Lives are on the line. Secrets are revealed.

Full of heart pounding action, suspense and romance; I can't get enough of the Eagle Elite series! The characters are captivating, the relationships and plot are intriguing, and the story moved at a quick, exciting pace. I didn't want to put this book down! My only complaint; one revelation concerning the parenting of some characters amassed such a tangle of lies that at times I became confused. However, I fell more in love with Chase in this installment and I cannot wait to see what is next for him. The ending was incredibly enticing.