Rocked - Taryn Elliott, Cari Quinn Oblivion has finally made it, they have a chart topping single and are on their first tour, opening for a popular rock band that Deacon McCoy has idolized for a long time. Their fans are growing by the day and though life on the road cramped into a bus with four other people might not be easy, it's the start to their dreams. Having a sexy and feisty chef cater to your needs doesn't hurt either. But Harper Pruitt knows all about rock stars and has no time for their attention, or their egos. She's focused on her future and owning her own catering business some day, and fraternizing with a big, sexy, bassist is not what she's looking to put on her resume. From the start though, Deacon is not what Harper expected, and he is determined to show her that he is more then just a musician on tour. When the band seems to be crumbling around Deacon though and Harper is his only anchor, will she be there to hold on to or will their dreams take them in different directions?

I really loved Deacon and Harper's story. It was full of passion, doubt, angst, and romance. Deacon is a lovable character. The end. Sure, he is a guy and has his moments, but his heart is as big as L.A. and he will do just about anything to keep Harper at his side and hold his band together. Harper I liked, she was strong and independent, but at times that independence turned to just stupid stubbornness. Together though you just knew her and Deac fit. Their chemistry sizzled from the pages and I'm sure would have scorched the ends if I was reading a print copy.

I also enjoyed the dynamics and the drama of the band-mates in Oblivion. The story was a roller-coaster ride with many ups and downs, towards the end I wasn't sure what would happen to the band. And really, I'm still not certain of their future. Nick and Simon have done some major damage to the comradery of the group, Gray is obviously hiding something huge that could very well destroy them, sexy, angry Nicky. I want his story soooo bad! And Jazz is Jazz, how could you not love the little purple pixie?

I'm looking forward to more from this series, the books can't release fast enough for me! If you love contemporary romance with a dash of NA and a whole lot of rocker sexiness then I recommend you pick up this book, and it's prequel!